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Sportsmanship Philosophy

What is Sportsmanship?

It’s the fair and generous treatment of others in sports and is essential to the development of a good player. There are many qualities of good sportsmanship including respect & fairness towards the opponents/officials and enjoyment of the game. This creates a strong sense of fellowship with your competitors. It involves being both a “good winner” and “good loser” (like applauding the other team when they do something well). This is achieved by showing self-control, courage, good form, integrity, and persistence during the game. Always accept responsibility for any mistakes you have made and keep your perspective in the game.

Understanding and practicing these ideas are critical to the longevity and enjoyment of the sport; a balance amongst them must be found to demonstrate true sportsmanship. LFA hopes to instill this idea in all our players as they develop and mature throughout their youth soccer career with our club though a fun and proper atmosphere, and teaching our philosophy.