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Club Philosophy

The Lou Fusz Lacrosse Club exists to provide a fun, competitive environment for young athletes to play the fastest-growing team sport in the country. The development of a well-rounded lacrosse player is the goal of the Lou Fusz Lacrosse Club. Through quality coaching, numerous development opportunities, and a focus on integrity and character, the Lou Fusz Athletic Lacrosse Club aims to offer lacrosse opportunities for every type of player from the experienced and elite to the recreational and learning.

The Fusz Philosophy

— Respect and fairness to everyone on the field, at our facility, and in the community
— Hard Work and dedication during practice and game time creates improvement in sports. When you put forth the effort, sooner or later the results will show.
— Enjoyment through a fun and proper atmosphere develops a passion for the sport, making it fun to play and watch.
— Excellence is the result of always striving to do better and playing your best. Excellence from both teams on the field deserve applause.
— Progress is made on and off the field with all of the above and forward thinking. We do not believe there will be a time when we have reached our peak and stopped moving forward.